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Welcome to Fresh and Real

Our goal: To create a dialogue around milk consumption practices, ethics of dairy farming, clean farm-fresh milk, and more. Yes, we are all about the milk!

The CEO of Fresh and Milk, has a story to tell you. Back in his childhood, his mother used to get milk delivered to their home, from the local milkman. The jingle of milk cans, the smell of fresh raw milk on the stove, and the rich taste- those are his milk memories from childhood. This nostalgia is something all us milk-lovers resonate with. We are consumers who value the richness of clean, farm-fresh milk. He wants to bring that back to you.

Fresh and Real blog is a place to explore this love and passion for milk, and the diverse perspectives around it. We want to go back to the #OldDays where milk was pure and just as nature intended. And we want YOU to be a part of that journey. The journey from our farms to your homes. We want you to play an active role in discussions around milk, and help us create a community of conscious consumers.

Who we are
He started Fresh and Real when he ran out of options to feed his son good milk. He asked many for suggestions, and tried to have conversations around milk. But there wasn’t a great response. He could feel the gap in conversations around milk- the lack of knowledge, and of options to purchase quality milk.
Here on this blog, it is this gap that he wants to fill this gap. Here, he talks about all that he wanted to know but couldn’t, back then. Be it information about the most common adulterants in your milk, or the different types of milk available- he is here to tell you all.

For my part, I always loved milk! Back in school, I used to drink two glasses of milk every day. That changed when I left home and had to resort to packaged milk. Finally, with Fresh and Real I am back to my old routine.

This rediscovery of my love for milk motivated me to start writing about raw milk. I feel the need for more conversations around milk because it is an indispensable part of my diet. Read out my blogs to know about why I prefer raw milk, the difference between A1 and A2 milk, and more.

What we’re working on
We are building a community of conscious consumers who feel the need for conversations around milk. We at Fresh and Real believe in truth, and nothing but the truth. Being a consumer of our own brand, we realize the need for you to know all about what you consume. So, we stand for transparency. We are here to talk about everything you want to know. Be it our supply chain, our production techniques, or our farmer collaborations- all information is out there for you. And, we don’t want this to be a monologue. We want to learn from you. We want you to share your experiences with milk, your favorite milk recipes, and your questions around milk. We want to build a COMMUNITY.

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